The CE Marking of products is intended to support the free movement of goods within the European Economic Area. All products that bear CE marking must comply with all requirements of the applicable directives. Where a product carries appropriate CE marking, the member countries of the European Economic Area must allow the product to be placed on the market.

CE Marking directives cover many product areas. The current CE Marking directives are:


New Approach Directives that do not require CE Marking are:

  • Packaging and Packaging Waste 94/62/EC
  • High Speed Rail Systems 96/48/EC
  • Marine Equipment 96/98/EC

The Marking should be affixed to one of the following:

  • the product itself
  • the packaging of the product
  • the instructions for use
  • the guarantee certificate

By affixing the CE Marking to the product, the manufacturer is stating that the product meets the requirement of all relevant directives. It is up to the manufacturer to decide which directives are applicable.

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