Environmental Directives Services

GiDoS Green Regulatory Center is a quality driven, service oriented company dedicated to assisting European and non-European manufacturer’s successful compliance with Environmental Directives and Regulations within Europe.

Based upon in-depth research and years of regulatory experience, GiDoS experts will work with you to orchestrate a complete Environmental Regulatory Strategy; thus implementing solutions for full compliance during the entire duration the product/device resides on the European market. Additionally, GiDoS offers tailored compliance services for the WEEE, RoHS and P&PW, as well as Only Representative services under REACH 1907/2006.

European “Green” Directives and Regulations are becoming prevalent and crucial points of interest for anyone involved in placing products on the European market. A comprehensive Environmental Strategy is necessary to study and satisfy the requirements you are constrained to abide by.

Our Services for WEEE 2002/96/EC, RoHS 2002/95/EC, and P&PW 94/62/EC:

GiDoS examines country’s regulations and European directives to identify the environmental requirements for your product(s) per product, per country.

  • Upon request, GiDoS can keep you updated on member-state requirements of all EU countries you export to and notify you of any regulatory changes that might affect your product(s).
  • GiDoS identifies the necessary marking and labeling requirements for your product(s) according to the European environmental directives.
  • GiDoS investigates the recovery and treatment requirements of individual European member-states for WEEE and present you with different options for the recovery of your product(s).
  • GiDoS compares the substances in your product(s) with the hazardous substances limited by the RoHS directive and identify which substances you need to replace or eliminate.
  • GiDoS provides instruction on what to include in your records on the mass of WEEE components, materials, and substances according to WEEE 2002/96/EC Art. 10, 11.
  • GiDoS explains how to complete the process of producer registration required by the directives.
  • GiDoS provides guidance on guaranteeing the recycling, energy, composting, and biodegradation requirements of the P&PW directive.
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