is an Information Platform on the EU Medical Devices Regulation (MDR), which aims at meeting information needs on the future regulatory framework on medical devices in Europe.

The objective of the MDlaw platform is to help the medical device community prepare for an easy & successful transition to the new MDR requirements.

MDlaw platform aims to provide:

  • European Commission’s Implementing Acts and other Notices
  • Medical Device Coordination Group (MDCG) documents
  • Judgments & Rulings of the European Court of Justice
  • National competent authorities documents
  • Publications by CAMD, NBOG
  • Regulatory updates
  • Position Papers
  • MDR Analysis
  • And more…

Additional Special Features:

  • 108 Questions & Answers on MDR – touching upon the most relevant topics of the Medical Devices Regulation.
  • From MDD to MDR: Transition Management Tool – presenting seven techniques for a smooth transition of economic operators to the new EU regulatory framework.

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