Saudi Arabia – SASO and CAP (Conformity Assessment Program) do not apply to Medical Devices – FSC is the best tool to enter this market

SASO CoC (Certificate of Conformity) and CAP (Conformity Assessment Program) are two particular Conformity Assessment routes that are allowing manufacturers worldwide to enter the market of Saudi Arabia with their products. This is in order to ensure some key objectives such as: Protection of public health, Consumer safety, National security, Protection of religious and public morals and environment, Prevention of deceptive practices.

Practically, SASO and CAP are specific tools for Customs Clearance representing an assumption of compliance with the Saudi Arabian standards. They are applicable to all goods entering the territory of Saudi Arabia, but not to medical devices.

For Medical and In Vitro Diagnostic Devices, the best (and only) tool easing the access to this market is the Free Sales Certificate which allows the manufacturer to prove the compliance of his devices with the EU safety standards. These EU standards are  fully accepted and welcomed as the best possible ones – also in Saudi Arabia. The same principle is applicable in other countries that preview Conformity Certificates and accept EU Standards, such as Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

If you would like to enter the markets of these or any other countries with your medical devices, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Davide Turchi

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